Contact Directory

  • Brent Kerwin

    Contact Title: Strathmere Lodge Administrator

    Phone Number: 519-245-2520 xt 6222

  • Cara Finn

    Contact Title: Director of Economic Development

    Phone Number: 519-434-7321 xt 2347

  • Chris Bailey

    Contact Title: Manager, ITS

    Phone Number: 519-434-7321 xt 2295

  • Chris Traini

    Contact Title: County Engineer

    Phone Number: 519-434-7321 xt 2264

  • Cindy Howard

    Contact Title: GM, Finance and Community Services

    Phone Number: 519-434-7321 xt 2223

  • Durk Vanderwerff

    Contact Title: Director of Planning

    Phone Number: 519-434-7321 xt 2262

  • Jessica Ngai

    Contact Title: Human Resources Manager

    Phone Number: 519-434-7321 ext 2270

  • Lindsay Brock

    Contact Title: County Librarian

    Phone Number: 519-245-8237 ext 4022

  • Marci Ivanic

    Contact Title: County Clerk

    Phone Number: 519-434-7321 xt 2250


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Strathmere Lodge

Strathmere Lodge, a not-for-profit, long-term-care home is owned by the County of Middlesex.

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