Middlesex County Council Meeting Highlights – July 19, 2022

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July 22, 2022
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Middlesex County Council Meeting Highlights – July 19, 2022

Council Highlights is an informal summary of selected actions taken by Middlesex County Council or Committee of the Whole at business meetings. The Council Highlights are not an official record of County Council proceedings. To view official agendas and minutes, please visit Council Meetings and Minutes.

Middlesex County Council approves Early Childhood Education Bursary in partnership with Fanshawe College 

Council approved an Agreement between the County of Middlesex and Fanshawe College for the creation of the Middlesex County Early Childhood Education Bursary for individuals applying to the Early Childhood Education program at Fanshawe College. This bursary will be made available for the 2022-2023 school year. The bursary, which will include tuition and books, will be presented every academic term for the completion of the program for 10 students who meet the criteria. For more information about the bursary and how to apply, visit Middlesex County Early Childhood Education Bursary.

Exploring On-Demand Transportation

Through the Permanent Public Transit Program - Rural Transit Solution Fund with the Government of Canada, Middlesex County was approved for a grant of Fifty Thousand dollars ($50,000). The grant money will allow for a thorough transportation review and needs assessment to take place in order to create an appropriate and sustainable transit system in Middlesex County. The Middlesex County Transportation Needs Assessment Study will address the issues, gaps, and opportunities that exist across all Middlesex-based municipalities for improvement in public transit. For more information on the grant, visit Canada Transportation Grant 2022.

Middlesex County to begin accepting applications for the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care program 

Middlesex County will begin accepting applications from licenced child care providers under the Canada-Wide Early Learning and Child Care (CWELCC) program. Licenced childcare providers in Middlesex County can apply to take part in the CWELCC beginning July 19, 2022. Centres will have until September 1st, 2022 to provide their intent to opt-in or out of the program, with completed applications being accepted until September 30, 2022. For more information please visit the Middlesex County Website.

County Council approves By-Law to Adopt Official Plan Amendment No. 3

Following extensive consultation through the Middlesex 2046 public engagement process, Council approved a By-Law to Adopt Amendment No. 3 to the County’s Official Plan. Amendment No. 3 will be sent to the Province for approval in accordance with the Planning Act. For more information on Middlesex 2046 and the Middlesex County Official Plan Update, visit the Middlesex County Website.

2021 Surplus to be Transferred to Tax Rate Stabilization Reserve

The Committee of the Whole approved a staff recommendation for the yearend surplus from the 2021 operating accounts in the amount of $3,402,597.51 to be transferred to the tax rate stabilization reserve. The Surplus is a result of operational impacts across all County departments by the pandemic in 2021, cost containment strategies and additional provincial and federal funding received for COVID-19 costs and pressures. For more information, visit 2021 Surplus Report.

Adoption of Committee of the Whole Recommendations from June 14, 2022

County Council adopted all recommendations made by the Committee of the Whole at its meeting on June 14, 2022.

Recommendations made by the Committee of the Whole at the July 19, 2022 meeting will be considered by County Council at its next regular meeting on August 23, 2022. The Legislative Services Department maintains the official record for all County government proceedings.