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Contact the County garage at (519) 471-2020 for all maintenance related issues including:

  • snowplowing
  • grass cutting
  • dead trees within the road allowance
  • traffic signals not working
  • hazardous road conditions
  • line painting

County Road Information


When/where can I drop off used paint cans, or other household hazardous waste?

Middlesex County residents can use the City of London Special Waste Drop-off Depot at 3502 Manning Drive, London. Find out more

How do I go about getting a permit (moving, work, entrance, tourism sign, etc)? How much do they cost?

Under the "Bylaws & Permits" page find the appropriate application form, fill it out and return it to our office. Cost vary and information is available on the form.

We're planning an event and would like to use part of a County road for a parade/race/etc.? Who should I contact for permission to use the road allowance?

Please submit a written request clearly identifying the type, date, and location of the event. This can be submitted by mail to 1998 Gainsborough Road, London, ON N6H 5L2

When will the bridge on County Road #? be open?

Live information about ongoing construction, road closure and plans will be available soon.

I've got damage to my vehicle (traffic paint, flying stones from County trucks, potholes), how can I get this fixed?

Middlesex County does not directly pay any claims related to vehicle damage. Due to insurance laws, it is recommended that you submit a claim through your insurance and they will review and assign fault as appropriate. Claims submitted directly to the County will not be accepted

There is a dead deer on County Road #, can someone dispose of it?

Please call our central garage at 519-471-2020 and provide the location.

The traffic signals are not working at an intersection, how can I report them so they can be fixed?

Please call our central garage at 519-471-2020 and provide the location.

When is someone going to cut the grass on the shoulder in front of my house?

Please call our central garage at 519-471-2020 and provide your location.