Management & Conservation

Management and conservation of woodlots located within the County of Middlesex occurs at two levels, through the County of Middlesex and the participation of Private Landowners. Further information regarding privately owned woodlots within Middlesex County.

County Level Management & Conservation

Middlesex County currently owns a total of 2,500 acres of woodlands; of which, over 2,000 acres are located in the southwest portion of the County in an area referred to as "Skunks Misery". The County terminated a Managed Forest Agreement with the Ministry of Natural Resources in 2000 and took over the responsibility of managing its own woodlands.

In October of 2000, the County hired a consultant to complete a Comprehensive Woodlands Management Plan. The Plan guides all activities within the Middlesex County owned woodlands for a period of 20 years. The Plan consists of two component plans: a 20-year general management plan; and 5-year plans which will provide the operational details.

County Owned Woodlots

Private Owned Woodlots

Information for Private Landowners

The County of Middlesex believes that private landowners have a key role to play to ensure that sustainably managed forests remain a part of Ontario’s future.

Timber Harvest/Logging Notice of Intent

According to the Woodlands Conservation Bylaw #5738, County Council may require that private landowners obtain a Notice of Intent when they intend to cut or destroy trees in woodlands specified in the By-law.

Council may also impose conditions on a Notice of Intent, including conditions relating to the manner in which destruction occurs and the qualification of persons authorized to cut or destroy trees.

Additionally, a landowner may apply for a council exemption to the Woodlands Conservation By-law #5738

Timber Harvest/Logging Notice of Intent & Applications for Private Landowners

Note: Please submit a Notice of Intent 14 days prior to proposed start date if you intend to do any tree cutting or destroying in your woodlot.

Circumference Limit Harvest Notice of Intent (NOI)

If you are planning a select harvest in your woodlot and the trees will be marked by a certified tree marker in compliance with circumference limit regulations please use this form to file a Notice of Intent to Harvest.

Good Forestry Practices Notice of Intent (NOI)

If you have hired a registered professional forester who is in good standing with the OPFA and your timber harvest will be marked in accordance with Good Forestry practice Regulations please use this form to file a Notice of Intent to Harvest.

Council Exemption

If you wish to clear an area of trees within a woodland to convert the area permanently to another land use, you may need to apply for a Council Exemption under the Woodlands Conservation By-law. Please contact the Woodlands Conservation Officer (WCO) for a preliminary review of your proposal in the field, prior to submitting an application. Once the preliminary review is complete the WCO will provide guidance as to how to proceed with a formal application.

Additional Information

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Previous Tenders for Sustainable Timber Harvest in County Woodlots


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